Search Engine Optimization - myths and truths

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I hate this...

Search Engine Optimization
I guess this would be the place to sell my SEO services as SEO is too popular to be ignored. But... SEO promises guaranteed free traffic dependent on a third party (Google). Can I promise it? No.
Am I the best SEO Expert? Probably not. But in the top 20 of the world. Can I compete with the unbelievable SEO-promises of all the others? No. I am not a salesman, nor a politician.

Search Engine Optimization
The word to promise guaranteed free traffic. But it isn't. Google is serving their customers - who are the people searching. They try to achieve this by returning the most important and relevant pages to each search query.
Are they perfect? Of course not. And actually this is what gives space to Search Engine Optimization!

Importance in SEO: Google determines the importance of a page by PageRank: PageRank is the probability that a random browser (following links on pages randomly) will end up on a specific page - it is an iteration process, but most importantly it has a huge logical flow. Linking is a webmaster-to-webmaster activity, not a user-to-webmaster activity. Users don't go around the web, and linking to your site, because they liked it! So you need to get inbound links from webmasters, as per Google, because they think your site is useful for their users, which is pretty hard if you sell washing machines or decorating services - and to be honest I wouldn't link to a web-design or SEO site, because technically they are my competitors.
Now despite this the concept works reasonably well, but it gives chance for good SEO: whereas you know your potential customers, what do they want to see on your website, I know who is likely to link to your site and how to create content, services, images that attract links, and get the maximum exposure from them.

Relevance in SEO
Google tries to evaluate relevance based on your pages (mostly - no doubt contextual backlinks are a huge help). So when you create your pages, it is not enough to think about users using a huge variety of the latest gadgets to view your pages! If you are thinking about SEO, you should think like half of your users are blind, using screen-readers!
W3Schools is an excellent web-design resource - probably the best. They suggest you start designing your pages with mobile-phone users in your mind. Then you adapt the design for tablets, laptops and desktop computers.
If you are taking SEO seriously you have to go one step further: start to design your web-pages with screen-readers in mind! Googlebot is not much better then that - and it needs to "understand" your pages, the structure of your content and site. This is where HTML5's great semantic elements come into play, but my text only view tool also gives you a good idea how search engines may see your pages. So yes, a good SEO consultant is nearly blind :-)

What do I offer? Honest SEO consulting

Search Engine Friendly Website
Clear, simple, suited for mobile devices, to-the-point - giving your potential customers exactly what they need with a straight channel from visit to sales. Conformant with HTML5 and CSS3 standards and live connections to your social media presence!
If you don't have a website, as part of the service I'll build you a basic site that will be the foundation of your online presence.
I you already have a site, you are happy with, I will rebuild it to match the recent standards and to get the best out of it from search engines

Social Media presence
A page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google Places - mathching with your Web Image.
Producing as much exposure as possible for gaining backlinks to your site! All included in my SEO package.

Ethical link building
This is a very grey area. Google Webmaster Guides say make sure other sites link to yours! But depending on your business it is quite specific what sites are likely to link to yours, and to make sure they are aware of your site!

No online marketing effor worth its money can avoid analytics - actually the greatest thing about online marketing: all your expenses and returns are exaclty trackable not like with traditional advertsising. Personally - as much as I'm not an overall fan of Google - I use Google analytics in most cases, that gives you a very accurate source what traffic are you getting from and how much revenue are you getting from them.

Mobile apps are a great tool of engagement. Again - they don't have to be spectacular: please have a look at the app f MotoringAssist UK. This is simply the best breakdown cover I (or based on ratings others) could ever find. All their app does is get's your location, registers the fault with your membership number to get you assistance as quickly as possible. Nothing fancy, but exactly what you need. This is how a good app is - and this is what you get from me.
Funciional, productive, exactly what your users need! An app for:

More then SEO
SEO depends on a lot of factors - so to be successful, you get all of it: Website/website rebuild - to make sure your site is not just user, but search engine friendly. Supporting online media presence. Ethical link building. All this starting from a flat rate of £250/month (which covers most small/medium businesses) - what wouldn't buy you a part time employee, not to mention any of the advanced SEO-tools I'm using (well - some of them are built inhouse). I fyou are interested, please use the contact for on the side/above!