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My name is Balazs Balint, I live in Gorleston, Great Yarmouth.
I provide Web and IT consulting for small/medium businesses in Norfolk. Please note: at this point this is a start-up business. I have always worked as an employee of multinational companies, then later here in England for one of the few independent Gaming operators managing all aspects of IT and online presence (management/director level only). So if you expect huge portfolio what I can present on my own - I don't have it. But I have outstanding track record in online sales, social media marketing, search engine marketing and on-site IT management including the single biggest virtual cell - coupled with work ethics matched by noone and a deep understadning of the Web and IT needs of small/medium businesses. Further details on my bio page , if you are interested, but probably a short meeting will tell you more.

Rate - Standard Package:

Price: £59.90/week +VAT.
The price includes all of the above with the following limits for a minimum of 6 months contract: Static website, with monthly updates with no more than 10 pages. Maximum total ad spend managed through different channels £1,000. Above that a fee of £100 +VAT applies for every started £1,000 spend. SMS and email service management does not include the fee of sending messages or the cost (if applicable) of the sender platform. For inhouse IT support every additional computer and network equipment is charged at £10/months for remote support, while servers charged at £50/months for remote support. For mission-critical equipment SLAs are available upon assessment.
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