Search Engine Optimization – Consulting, Expert advice, Design Guidelines

Well – I never really wanted to do this, but Search engine Optimization is simply too big fish to be ignored. So I have created a separate page for it.

No nonsense SEO – I may not be the best, but certainly in the top 20 in the world.

I’m not a salesman or a politician, so I cannot “absolutely guarantee position 1 in Google” for you for any keywords (except “long red tail wagging aids” if that is what you sell…).  What I can provide is an honest and effective SEO service, that includes more then anywhere else: Website/rebuild, social media, link building and mobile app – there is no other place where you’d get this from £250/month – except GorlestonIT.

Will this guarantee #1 results in Google – no. But I stand to any competition, that I produce better results than them. Especially pro rata.

I have recently seen an SEO pricing his service based on how “competitive” is a keyword – seems fair, isn’t it? Except that he defined the levels based on how many results Google returns for a specific search query. And cites as a success story a 1st position ranking that delivers 80 visitors/ month!!! This way “John” is the most competitive keyword in the world isn’t it? 3 Billion results…. More competitive than God… But would it be profitable for you? Probably not very… Would it be hard to get good rankings for it? Not really. Competitive keyword means – it worth a lot of money. As such many sites invested a lot of money to rank for it! That is what means a lot!

And that is what you get for your business with me – rankings and as such relevant traffic – slightly more than 80 visitors/month as this site is only up for a couple weeks, still draws more organic visits/month….

So if you want the best value SEO Consultancy from a great SEO Expert – contact me!