Live HTML5-CSS Website designer

I’ve recently built a few tools that are useful for SEO (well – certainly for troubleshooting) and web-design, and they are not quite production-ready, needs a bit of testing, but I started to work on the nbext tool – a live HTML5-CSS website designer.

  • This is an upcoming project, to allow everybody to play around with CSS live on a sample page
  • Without Javascript – because I don’t like it
  • HTML5 – because I plan to allow the work on a sample page utilizing the most important (well- this is obviously subjective) HTML5 semantic elements
  • If you have any ideas what would you like to see in it – comment.
  • As soon as I have a test version I’ll share it here and the work can start!

So this is a bit of “advance warning” but if an idea stays in my mind for 3 days, that’s usually a good one – so hope this will be the same!

All the best,