Where do I come from?

Nowhere... really

At the beginning of times there was darkness... Then Babbage said "let there be computer" - and there it was, hardly more then a 100 years later. Then Kotler said "Let there be Marketing" - and there it was, just a few years later. Then my father said "Let there be Balazs" - and there I was 9 months later....

I have studied Theoretical Mathematics in University, economics at the same time outside university, and various parts of IT and Online Marketing along the way, and the combination of the later two became my main job from about 2005: managing all aspects of mainly online businesses - alongside building some world-class wireless network solutions, administration of various servers. Industries: Creative household products, custom-made furniture, online gaming, just to name a few.

Areas of expertise

I tailored my standard package for the needs of small/madium businesses, but if you feel you need something else, something different feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements about your online presence or inhouse IT maintenance.
All the best,