Web-Design, SEO, Online Marketing and IT Support


What do you need?

Online presence!
Website: simple, clear, to-the-point, but user friendly, ready for mobile devices and eventually Search Engine friendly! Does it have to look "stunning" - well, maybe. But most importantly it needs to give users what they want, what they look for and it needs to be very clear about what is the benefit for them from your products, services.

Social Media!
Your customers are "social"! They are on Twitter, Facebook, Google Circles, Google Places, Groups, forums, discussions! You can send a message to everybody who liked your social pages in a minute - free.
Emails: send them an email - again free!
Text message: probably the most effective. 3-5p/text! The possibilities are unlimited - the question if you use them better or your competitors?

Inhouse IT support: You don't want to pay £125 callout charge for someone to find a loose connection or to tell you that the wireless access point is at the end of it's life? Or to remove a virus from a computer after Mary's son used it for his studies? Probably you just want a working IT infrastructure (computers, networks, maybe servers) that are there and working all the time as they should, and if there are any changes, new machines, new equipment then you want a reasonable price for installation, setup and maintenance.

What do I offer?

Clear, simple, suited for mobile devices, to-the-point - giving your potential customers exactly what they need with a straight channel from visit to sales. Conformant with HTML5 and CSS3 standards and live connections to your social media presence!

Social Media:
A page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google Places - mathching with your Web Image.
Setting up an initial campaign on each to build audience - the people you can later promote to with a single click, free.

Search Engine Marketing - including SEO:
Probably we'd expect Thousands of visitors from Google daily, but unfortunately this is not how real life works. By this point you will have a decent website, surrounded with your social media profiles - with some cheap and constant traffic coming from it. That is where Search Engine Marketing starts: PPC is a great tool. You can specify exactly how much a lead worth to you and base your campaigns on that. Search Engone Optimization (SEO) is nearly just a bonus. Huge bonus, since it has no direct costs, but as Google loves Google and their users: you cannot base your whole marketing or business on it. But when your website is decent, and your are doing your very best to get business from other sources - free traffic from Google will usually also come. Don't even bother with people promising traffic in 3 days or 3 weeks from Google - it takes months, sometimes years to establish a presence in a niche. 3 days is hardly enough to get indexed by Google not to mention to get decent traffic from competitive search queries.

Probably the most wonderful thing about online marketing that everything is trackable: Spend/visitors, visitors/enquiries, enquiries/sales, etc - there is not a single aspect of online advertising that would be invisible. Personally - I'm teaching probability theory and statistics since I was 17 - there is hardly any set of information what I cannot turn into insights and actions to make your business benefit: generate more visitors, leads, sales. You will always get a precise picture what you are spending and what does it worth for you.

Mobile apps are a great tool of engagement. Again - they don't have to be spectacular: please have a look at the app f MotoringAssist UK. This is simply the best breakdown cover I (or based on ratings others) could ever find. All their app does is get's your location, registers the fault with your membership number to get you assistance as quickly as possible. Nothing fancy, but exactly what you need. This is how a good app is - and this is what you get from me.
And App for:

Inhouse IT support: On call 24/7, available for remote assistance 24/7 - any problems you may have in house regarding to your computers, network, software I am available to assist any time you need. In most cases I don't even need to be on site since I can access most devices remotely, but it will only cost you a reduced call-out charge (only covering travel expenses) if I need to be there, and normally that wouldn't take more then an hour. So you won't loose time waiting, trying to figure out what is the problem!
And if you need any work done - cabling, installation, new equipment, etc - you will get it at the best possible price!

Standard Package:

Price: £59.90/week +VAT.
The price includes all of the above with the following limits for a minimum of 6 months contract: Static website, with monthly updates with no more than 10 pages. Maximum total ad spend managed through different channels £1,000. Above that a fee of £100 +VAT applies for every started £1,000 spend. SMS and email service management does not include the fee of sending messages or the cost (if applicable) of the sender platform. For inhouse IT support every additional computer and network equipment is charged at £10/months for remote support, while servers charged at £50/months for remote support. For mission-critical equipment SLAs are available upon assessment.
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